Baby Teeth Are Important

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It’s an exciting moment when your baby receives their first tooth. As they grow and age, they develop more teeth and learn to be more independent with chewing and talking. This is thanks to the baby teeth. Baby teeth help the child to chew, and talk correctly. Without the baby teeth they struggle with these basic concepts in our everyday life.

Baby teeth are also important because they set the stage for permanent teeth. They are also important because they hold the space in the jaw for permanent teeth developing under the gums.

According to the American Dental Association, also known as the ADA, when a child receives their first tooth is the perfect time to bring them in to meet the dentist. This will help them learn about oral care and help them to learn and understand healthy oral habits they can use throughout their life.

Cavities can also have a negative effect on children’s oral health if left untreated. Cavities can cause a child to lose a tooth before they are ready. This can effect their speech, eating habits, and cause severe pain. Plaque buildup on the baby teeth if left untreated can cause gum disease and have a negative effect on their permanent teeth coming in. That is why caring for baby teeth are essential to providing positive oral care to your children’s oral health.

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