Baby’s First Dental Visit

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As a parent, you want the most for your child, and that means making sure they’re receiving treatment from reputable medical professionals who will see to realizing the child’s greatest health. We occasionally get asked by concerned parents when they should begin bringing their newborns into our office for dental appointments.

We suggest that you bring your baby into our office for their first dental checkup within half of a year of their first tooth coming in or before their first birthday. Visiting the dentist will decrease your child’s likelihood of creating cavities from plaque buildup. Your dentist will clean your child’s baby chompers, which are important placeholders for adult chompers, and they will help your child’s teeth grow into a healthy mouth that will help their dental and overall health for the rest of their life. And setting the standard of great oral care early will support your child to form the habits they need to keep a healthy oral cavity throughout their life.

Please contact Price Pediatric Dental at 435-637-9590 to arrange your Price, Utah, appointment with Drs. Trace M. Lund. Our friendly, helpful staff will make sure that you get the attention you deserve and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, so give us a call today!