Small Cavities Can Often Be Treated With Dental Fillings

Having a dental checkup administered twice a year is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth in the long term. These appointments include a professional dental cleaning and polishing to remove hardened tartar and minor dental stains. Once the bacterial deposits have been cleared away, our dentist will perform... Read more »

Boost Your Child’s Oral Health Care this Season with Dental Sealants

Do you know what a dental sealant is? Dental sealants are oral health care procedures designed to apply a thin coating directly onto the chewing surfaces of teeth for an additional layer of protection. Dental sealants are designed to improve and protect your child's smile by lowering the risk of... Read more »

Signs and Treatment of Gum Disease

Our pediatric dentists and team stress the importance of improving and upholding your child’s dental health. Your child should brush his or her teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. In addition you should, schedule and keep your child’s regular cleaning appointments. These simple practices can... Read more »

Brushing and Flossing for Kids & Parents

Our pediatric dentists and team are aware that your child’s baby teeth are not here to stay. However, we stress their importance in your child’s long-term dental health. Did you know that your child’s baby teeth help guide the permanent teeth into their correct positions? Did you know that if... Read more »

Find the Answers to Questions About the First Dental Appointment for Kids Here

Are you someone who has questions about your child’s first dental appointment? If so, our dental team is more than happy to help you find the answers you need. The more you know about the appointment, the more prepared you and your child can be. So, to help you, our... Read more »

What to Look for in a Child’s Electric Toothbrush

Are you interested in purchasing an electric toothbrush for your child? If so, our dentists, Dr. Trace Lund and Dr. Kevin Markham, are happy to help you select the brush that is right for your child’s smile. Electric toothbrushes are handy tools that can make brushing fun and exciting. When... Read more »

The Oral Hygiene Tips You Need to Help Your Teen Care for Their Teeth and Gums

Oral hygiene is very important. In fact, it’s vital for a top-notch oral health and smile. Your teen needs to keep up on oral hygiene regularly if they want strong and healthy teeth and gums. However, sometimes it’s tough for teens to keep up on oral hygiene on their own.... Read more »

Teaching 3-Year-olds to Brush

When your child is old enough to begin brushing their own pearly whites (3-6 years old), it’s good to supervise them to ensure they’re learning correctly and not using too much toothpaste. Here are some bits of advice on how you can help your child learn to brush their pearly... Read more »

Baby’s First Dental Visit

As a parent, you want the most for your child, and that means making sure they’re receiving treatment from reputable medical professionals who will see to realizing the child’s greatest health. We occasionally get asked by concerned parents when they should begin bringing their newborns into our office for dental... Read more »

How to Help Your Child Have a Healthy Smile

Your child deserves a strong and healthy smile. This type of smile can help your child talk, chew, and eat normally. It can also help your child have the confidence they need to pose for pictures and socialize. In order to help your child have the top-notch smile they deserve,... Read more »