Caring for Your Child’s Baby Bottle Tooth Decay After Treatment

Have you heard of baby bottle tooth decay? Read this blog post we've amassed to learn about this ailment and its ill side effects. Tooth erosion in newborns and young children is called because tooth rot in that age group is regularly caused by compounds high in sugar given to... Read more »

Dental Appointments During Pregnancy

If you've ever been expecting a child, you know that it takes multiple medical appointments, and that can include lots of medication prescriptions. (And if you may be pregnant soon, you'll find out how busy pregnancy can be!) To help your doctors as they care for you during your pregnancy,... Read more »

Filling the Tooth Fairy’s Shoes

Your child has their first loose tooth. You know what this means: it’s time for the Tooth Fairy! But you’ve never taken on this role before. How does one create the magic of the Tooth Fairy? Dr. Lund, Dr. Markham, and our team are excited to offer some fun ideas.... Read more »

Understanding Root Canals

Although many people may freeze up when they hear their dentist say the words ‘‘root canal” the procedure is an extremely beneficial one that over the years has saved many teeth that would have otherwise needed to be extracted. Your tooth depends on its pulp to remain healthy since it... Read more »

A Retainer Might Be Needed to Prevent Relapse in a Specific Area

The process of realigning your teeth with braces required a series of consistently timed adjustment sessions. Each of these appointments at Dr. Trace M. Lund’s orthodontic clinic helped to gradually move your teeth into their ideal position. Now that this has been achieved Dr. Trace M. Lund can remove the... Read more »

A Mouthguard Can Preserve Your Young Athlete’s Smile

If you child is involved in sports, the school or league may require a mouthguard as part of the basic equipment. Normally, we would associate mouthguards with sports like football, hockey or lacrosse. But the truth is that if your child plays any sport where there is a chance of... Read more »

All You Need to Know About Baby Teeth Grinding

Does your baby grind their little chompers, whether it’s during sleep or throughout the day? If so, you probably despise the grinding and popping sound and try to motivate your child to stop. You’re not alone. There are many children in the world who grind their teeth. In fact, studies... Read more »

Are You Informed about Teething?

Are you ready to help your child if they are teething? Teething is a common process that all children will experience when their teeth begin to appear in their mouths. Usually, the process can be painful when the teeth break through the gums and can lead to irritability and discomfort.... Read more »

Improving Your Child’s Oral Health With Better Brushing

You can help give your child a healthier smile by helping them to brush their teeth properly. There are simple steps you can take to ensure that their teeth stay healthy in between visits to our office. For more information and helpful tips about brushing for kids, see below: -... Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Thumb Sucking Prevention

Have you heard that thumb sucking is hazardous for your oral health? Saving smiles from thumb sucking is an important part of helping your child’s oral health, as the best smiles are possible with thumb sucking prevention. Facts about thumb sucking include: - Offer up advice during the moments when... Read more »