Preparing Your Child for a Smile Healthy Smile

As the days come and go, so must the pages on a calendar. With the influx of candles on your child’s birthday cake, they will soon reach an age where they will leave the nest for an education beyond the clouds on their bedroom walls. Although the early days consist mostly of juice boxes and midday naps, there health care... read more »

Sour Candy is Nearly as Bad for Teeth as Battery Acid

When you think of tasty treats, hopefully battery acid isn’t anywhere near your list. However, the acidity and pH level in sour candies is nearly that of battery acid. Your teeth begin to decalcify at pH levels below 4.0. Many sour treats are far more acidic, and can go as low as 1.6. For comparison, battery acid has a pH... read more »

Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Smile This Halloween

Fall is in the air looming with the smell of spicy aromas and sugary treats. With so much fun to have this holiday season, it’s easy to forget the importance of oral health, which can lead to dangerous oral results. With so many delicious treats at our fingertips, it’s vital to remember important tips-and-tricks to keep you and your families... read more »

A Few Facts About Your Child’s Pacifier

You probably know that when your child cries, a natural solution is to hand them their pacifier. Fortunately, there isn’t anything wrong with that—in fact, a pacifier can comfort your child and help you, as their parent, get some precious rest. However, if your pacifier isn’t used properly, or is used too long, they could cause a number of problems.... read more »

Why You Should Keep Your Child’s Oral Care up to Date

Children who suffer from chronic dental pain may not always tell you (or be able to tell you) what is happening to them. But there are signs; you may notice that they appear anxious, depressed or tired, and even their teachers may not recognize their pain. More than one-half of all children aged 5-9 years have at least one cavity or... read more »

Where Did the Tooth Fairy Myth Come From?

Like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy is a symbol of childhood. The Tooth Fairy exists in many cultures and across many religions. But where did the Tooth Fairy come from? Dr. Lund, Dr. Markham, and our team at Price Pediatric Dentistry are happy to shed some light on the subject. The Tooth Fairy came to be... read more »

Dental Sealants Are a Good Preventative Measure Against Occlusal Cavities

The occlusal, or biting surface, of molars and premolars can sometimes have deep pits and fissures. Originally, this was an evolutionary adaptation that allowed our ancient ancestors to chew and grind tough pieces of meat and hard root vegetables. Unfortunately, in the modern age, these pits and fissures also serve as traps for residual food particles and plaque. If these... read more »

The Toothbrush-Replacement Signs to Look Out for

Did you know that you need to replace your child’s toothbrush on a regular basis to give them the best and most successful oral health possible? Well, it’s true! It’s important to replace their toothbrush at the necessary times, including: -After 3-4 months: After 3-4 months, your child’s toothbrush will have normal wear and tear, which keeps the brush from... read more »

Teething Timeline for Your Baby

If you've raised a child, you know that teething can be uncomfortable for all involved. Fortunately, with the right information, you can make the experience more tolerable. For instance, do you know when your child's first tooth should come in? Or when their second should? Do you know the next place you should look for signs of teething? Can you... read more »

The Proper Way to Brush Your Child’s Teeth

Since children don’t know how to properly brush their teeth, it’s best that parents provide assistance. However, brushing your child’s smile might be a difficult task. So, to help you properly clean your child’s teeth on a regular basis, Dr. Trace M. Lund and our Price Pediatric Dentistry team have provided the following brushing instructions for you: -Step 1: Angle... read more »