Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

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Brushing your child’s teeth is extremely important because they cannot accomplish the task themselves. As with adults, children also require daily brushings twice per day. This ensures their teeth will not suffer the fates of tooth decay or cavities that so often plague our modern world. For some additional assistance, here are some tips to brushing your child’s teeth:

– Never share toothbrushes or other dental cleaning tools with a child, as it can pass bacteria tooth their mouths.
– It is important to bring your child in to see their pediatrician for an oral examination and cleaning before they are one year of age.
– For optimum oral health care in your child, as soon as their first tooth erupts above the gum line, it is vital to begin brushing their mouth twice daily until they come of age to do the task themselves.
– For each brushing session, use a dab of toothpaste roughly the size of a grain of rice.
– Help your child’s oral health by feeding them healthy meals free of tooth-damaging substances such as sugar.

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