Dental Sealants Are a Good Preventative Measure Against Occlusal Cavities

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The occlusal, or biting surface, of molars and premolars can sometimes have deep pits and fissures. Originally, this was an evolutionary adaptation that allowed our ancient ancestors to chew and grind tough pieces of meat and hard root vegetables.

Unfortunately, in the modern age, these pits and fissures also serve as traps for residual food particles and plaque. If these materials are not easily removed on a daily basis, they will eventually promote and create large cavities.

If your dentist, Dr. Trace M. Lund, finds harmful particles trapped on the occlusal surfaces of your back teeth during your regular checkup, they might recommend having dental sealants painted onto the area as a preventative measure against cavities.

Dental sealants in Price, Utah, are made of a special type of plastic resin that will form an impenetrable barrier to keep bacteria from exploiting the tooth enamel.

The dental sealants are very durable and they won’t wear away from regular brushing. Generally, dental sealants will last for about two years or longer. Just keep in mind that the sealants are only protecting the occlusal surface, so cavities can still form on the other surfaces of your back teeth. So, you will still need to deeply clean your back teeth on a regular basis.

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