Athletic mouth guards are important equipment requirements for participation in many sports. Five million teeth get knocked out every year, but widespread use of athletic mouth guards could drastically reduce this statistic. Science and statistics demonstrates that one is 60 times less likely to lose a tooth on impact if they are wearing an athletic mouth guard. Not only do these collision-absorbing mouth guards protect the teeth, but they also greatly reduce the likelihood of a brain-damaging concussion as well.

Most children’s athletic leagues have guidelines regarding wearing an approved athletic mouth guard in order to be compliant with league regulations. When you visit Price Pediatric Dentistry, we will be happy to work with you to choose a well-fitting mouth guard that complies with league rules. Unlike less effective mouth guards that are bought from a store, our dentists can create custom mouth guards that are tailored to your child’s mouth and comfortable to wear. It is our goal to help keep your child having fun and smiling brightly all season long.

We also recommend wearing a mouth guard for participation in any athletic event, even if it is not a league requirement. Even casual games of touch football or other fast-paced sports can lead to significant dental injury. To learn more about equipping your child with a custom athletic mouth guard in Price, Utah, we encourage you to call or visit our office to set up your appointment.