If your child’s permanent teeth have not yet erupted, Dr. Lund and Dr. Markham encourage you to visit our dental office for a guided eruption consultation. A guided eruption consultation can inform our dental team of many special circumstances in your child’s eruption process. In some cases, permanent teeth may be coming in too crowded or misaligned. If this is the case, your child is a good candidate for preventative orthodontics such as guided eruption. After carefully planning and developing an orthodontic treatment unique to your child, Dr. Lund and Dr. Markham team will guide the erupting teeth in order to create a straight, attractive smile. By taking preventative measures, you will be saving on costly and painful orthodontic work in the future and can improve your child’s health and comfort.

We generally begin the guided eruption process when your child is about six years of age. It is important to start the treatment early before the teeth begin erupting, or else it might be too late to effectively guide the eruption. Dr. Lund, Dr. Markham, and our team execute the guiding process through a variety of method such as creating a special appliance to be worn at night.

To learn if guided eruption in Price, Utah is right for your child’s smile, we encourage you to contact our office and our friendly dental team is happy to assist you. We pride ourselves in enhancing the quality of your child’s smile.