We take dental emergencies very seriously at Price Pediatric Dentistry, and your emergency will always be given priority. If you have a dental emergency in Price, Utah, we encourage you to call our office and come in as soon as possible for treatment.

If your child has a baby tooth knocked out prematurely, you should visit us so that we can examine your child’s mouth and ensure that everything will continue to develop properly. Because of the way that baby teeth grow, they are typically not replaced in the mouth because this could damage the development of permanent teeth.

When permanent teeth are knocked out, you should attempt to place the tooth back into the socket if possible and keep it stable. If it isn’t possible to place it back in the mouth, the best method for preserving the tooth is to place it in a glass of milk. Do not put the tooth in water as this could destroy any chance of saving the tooth. Time is the most important factor in successfully re-implanting a tooth, so you should come to the office immediately.

If you child chips or cracks a tooth, please call our office and we will assist you through the steps you should take for your individual situation. You should also visit our office as soon as possible, and bring any detached portions of the so we can attempt to bond them back together.

If your child may have a broken jaw or significant head injury, you should forego coming to our office and go directly to the emergency room.

Whenever you unsure of what to do in a dental emergency situation, we encourage you to call our office immediately so that we may assist you.