Protect Your Child’s Smile with an Athletic Mouth Guard

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If your child is involved in sports or sports-related activities, we at Price Pediatric Dental urge you to consider a mouth guard to protect your child’s mouth. Every year, at least five million teeth are knocked out. If your child uses a mouth guard, he or she is 60 times less likely to lose a tooth.

The American Dental Association has endorsed the use of orofacial protectors since the mid-1990s. Participants in both organized and unorganized sports are susceptible to sports injuries, no matter their gender, age, or skill level. Even non-contact activities, like gymnastics and ice skating, can result in dental injuries.

Mouth guards, also known as mouth protectors, have been proven to prevent dental emergencies. Not only do mouth guards absorb impacts to the teeth and jaw, they also reduce the likelihood of a concussion and other head injuries.

Price Pediatric Dental offers custom made mouth guards to protect your child’s mouth, lips, tongue, jaw, and face. These mouth guards are designed to fit comfortably in your child’s mouth without inhibiting breathing or speaking.

We encourage the use of mouth guards at all athletic events, even practices. To learn more about obtaining a custom athletic mouth guard in Price, Utah, contact our office at 435-637-9590. Our friendly dentists are happy to sit down with you and your child to discuss the importance of mouth guards.