Is your child is experiencing tongue-tie or lip-tie? This common condition can affect our little patients as old as a newborn all the way up to our teenagers. A baby may have issues latching or feeding, and older kiddos may have difficulty with speech. Our pediatric dentists at Price Pediatric Dental offer a treatment known as a frenectomy to correct these issues. This process is simple and can usually be completed in just one visit. To learn more about frenectomies in Price, Utah, and to schedule an appointment with Trace M. Lund, Bryce J. Bott or Kevin R. Markham, call our office today at 435-637-9590.


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If you seek a new dental home that offers affordable and gentle care for children of all ages, then Price Pediatric Dental is the right place for you! We take extra care in providing treatment that helps your child achieve a long-lasting smile. Call us today for a visit with Dr. Trace M. Lund, Dr. Bryce J. Bott or Dr. Kevin R. Markham!

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