Small Cavities Can Often Be Treated With Dental Fillings

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Having a dental checkup administered twice a year is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth in the long term. These appointments include a professional dental cleaning and polishing to remove hardened tartar and minor dental stains. Once the bacterial deposits have been cleared away, our dentist will perform a comprehensive dental exam.

This phase of the appointment will detect any early signs of tooth decay and gum disease. It also includes a basic screening for oral and pharyngeal cancer. If Dr. Trace Lund or Dr. Kevin Markham find a problem, they will explain your child’s treatment options.

A patient with one or more minor cavities often needs a second appointment to have the tooth decay treated by applying dental fillings.

This treatment plan will remove areas of demineralized tooth enamel before a durable dental material will be applied. Once the dental filling has been bonded in place it will effectively seal the area to prevent further tooth decay.

After the tooth has been treated you might want your child to make some minor improvements in their daily oral hygiene routine, such as brushing their teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association. Also, consistency in their daily routine will further help to prevent new cavities from developing.

If you live in the Price, Utah, area and you suspect that a cavity has developed on one of your child’s teeth, we invite you to call 435-637-9590 to have it examined and treated at Price Pediatric Dental.